Antenna/Cantenna building tutorials:
Want to build your own Antenna or Cantenna? Take a look at our Antenna Dedicated Section for great detailed tutorials (All tutorials have pictures and easy step by step walkthroughs:-)

Wardriving Software Tutorials:
Wardriving Tools - Flash Tutorial showing how to use wardriving tools such as Netstumber. (2.8MB)
Wardriving Tools 2 - Flash tutorial on basic wardriving tings, includes Auditor
Watch how someone cracks a WEP in under 10 mins with KisMAC.

Hardware Tutorials:
*New* - Learn how to to safely add an external antenna to your iBooks built in Airport Express Card. Detailed step by step tutorial with Pictures.

Other Cool Tutorials / How To's:
Learn how to do the following on your older generation iPod:  play the original Doom game, watch videos and play tetris! (I've successfully tried this and it really does work!)
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